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Matthew Klooster

Matthew Klooster is a published scholar in the biological sciences and a passionate nature enthusiast. Through his oil paintings in the artistic styles of realism & abstract realism, Klooster reflects a sensitivity towards authentically portraying natural forms and compositions, while embracing the essence of his subjects and sharing his reverence for all of life. He has a passion for the use of art and artistic expression as contemplative tools and pathways towards emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. 
As an avid hiker & outdoorsman, Klooster's work typically profiles the exquisite & complex natural beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. His pieces often feature regional subjects commonly observed on landscapes spanning the midwestern United States. Klooster has also enjoyed extensive international travels for recreation, teaching, and research with a particular fondness for Appalachian biodiversity, Canadian wilderness, Japanese culture, & the extraordinary beauty of ancient rainforests on the island of Borneo. His love for nature is evident through his artistic works.
His work is collected internationally and adorns the walls of homes in countries on four continents including Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, four Canadian provinces, and over thirty states in the USA. His photographs and paintings have been featured in international magazines, and as the cover art for internationally distributed books and musical compositions.