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Blooming Where Planted (original oil painting) - *SOLD*

Blooming Where Planted (original oil painting) - *SOLD*

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Description: Spotted Knapweed is a plant endemic to Europe and Asia, introduced into North America in the 1890s likely through contaminated agricultural seed. The plant is renowned for its competitive ability owing to the large taproot it produces and its capacity to sequester otherwise limited water and nutrients. I was struck by its beauty and am fascinated by it’s story and slow migration across this new landscape. For better or worse, that's what my ancestors from Europe did.  They ventured bravely into 'new territory' with a toughness and conviction that is difficult for me to fathom as I sit here now in absolute comfort.  The beauty of the flower is reminiscent of the beautiful sacrifice those in the past made to provide better opportunities for those they loved.  

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