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Description: Although it's difficult to find the time, when I take a moment to slow down and observe the complex beauty often overlooked in our every-day lives, I feel more deeply connected to something GREATER.  Such a connection awakens my creative muse, motivating me to invest the tens to hundreds of hours necessary to capture a moment with paint.  This piece is based off of a photograph I took on the campus of Centre College, KY back in 2016.  It was one of those precious moments when I slowed down long enough to notice the delicate beauty of the world around me, and I had to take a moment to honor this one little ecstatic drop of spring rain clinging to a new leaf; new life. 

Important Item Details

Prints are produced to the height and width dimensions specified.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints are 1.5" thick with full image centered on the front and dark sides featuring a color commonly used in the painting. 

All prints are hand signed by the artist and numbered as part of a limited series. 

Print may take 10 - 14 days to ship to your location.