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Ecstasy (original oil painting)

Ecstasy (original oil painting)

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Description: Although it's difficult to find the time, when I take a moment to slow down and observe the complex beauty often overlooked in our every-day lives, I feel more deeply connected to something GREATER.  Such a connection awakens my creative muse, motivating me to invest the tens to hundreds of hours necessary to capture a moment with paint.  This piece is based off of a photograph I took on the campus of Centre College, KY back in 2016.  It was one of those precious moments when I slowed down long enough to notice the delicate beauty of the world around me, and I had to take a moment to honor this one little ecstatic drop of spring rain clinging to a new leaf; new life. 

Important Item Details

Dimensions of this original oil painting: 18"x24"x1.5"

This painting may take 10 - 14 days to ship to your location (possibly longer if outside of the continental US)