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Radiant Grace (original oil painting)

Radiant Grace (original oil painting)

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Description: Humanity has reached a momentous crossroads in our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. We have become blinded by greed, divisiveness, selfishness, and fear and have lost sight of a bigger picture, of which we are an important but minute piece of the universal puzzle. Of all the limited commodities we could choose to opine these days, the one that didn’t get stranded in a shipping container is 'grace'. There is a critical shortage in shared goodwill towards humankind and the regenerative and sanctifying influence we may impart and receive. Furthermore, we have preferentially imbibed propaganda, titles, property, and resources, leaving our souls parched for connection and creative expression, inspired by The Creation and intimately tied to The Creator. In my own search for meaning amidst the madness, I have often turned to natural spaces, which reliably reframe my position as a small part of a far grander and more complex scheme. The cool evening breeze, the sunlight filtering through quaking leaves, the caress of swaying grasses, and the eager murmurs of creatures absorbed in the moment - these are the ways I receive grace and am thereby renewed. 

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Dimensions of this original oil painting: 24"x36"x1.5"

This painting may take 10 - 14 days to ship to your location (possibly longer if outside of the continental US)