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Suspended in the Afterglow
Suspended in the Afterglow

Suspended in the Afterglow

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Description:  My family decided back in April 2023 to relocate to the Cincinnati, OH area this summer. While we are in complete agreement that this transition is best for us and our children, the months leading up to this transition have been challenging. I spent most of my adult life aspiring to return to Minnesota, only to transition away from my home state only 4.5 years after moving back. I have been reminded through this process that the search for 'home' isn't an extrinsic process but a journey inward to find our true sense of place, purpose, and meaning in life. As of mid-July, I have officially left Minnesota again but in a very half-hearted way. I'm only half-gone, in a sense, as I will always carry the natural beauty of the state and my love for friends and extended family with me wherever I go. 

The title of this piece, along with my motivation to paint it, came from this transition period in my life. The subject is a sunset I caught while out on a hike with my family at Ritter Farm Park, Lakeville, MN.

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