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The Great Sentinel
The Great Sentinel

The Great Sentinel

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Description: My mother’s side of the family emigrated from Wales and homesteaded a farm in south central Minnesota in 1856. When my ancestors were clearing the land, they left this magnificent Burr Oak in the middle of the field; likely used for stump removal because it was the largest in the area. Over time, we have come to view it as a symbol of steadfast resilience and strength during times of struggle. The tree has endured tornados, blizzards, extreme hot and cold, a lightning strike, pesticides, herbicides, the plow, and about anything else humanity and nature has to throw at it. It was my aim to commemorate its grandeur in this painting, and I hope this will be a symbol of strength for others who might need.

Important Item Details

Prints are produced to the height and width dimensions specified.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints are 1.5" thick with full image centered on the front and black sides. 

All prints are hand signed by the artist and numbered as part of a limited series. 

Print may take 10 - 14 days to ship to your location.