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The Great Sentinel (original oil painting)

The Great Sentinel (original oil painting)

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Description: My mother’s side of the family emigrated from Wales and homesteaded a farm in south central Minnesota in 1856. When my ancestors were clearing the land, they left this magnificent Burr Oak in the middle of the field; likely used for stump removal because it was the largest in the area. Over time, we have come to view it as a symbol of steadfast resilience and strength during times of struggle. The tree has endured tornados, blizzards, extreme hot and cold, a lightning strike, pesticides, herbicides, the plow, and about anything else humanity and nature has to throw at it. It was my aim to commemorate its grandeur in this painting, and I hope this will be a symbol of strength for others who might need.

Important Item Details

Dimensions of this original oil painting: 30"x40"x1.5"

This painting may take 10 - 14 days to ship to your location (possibly longer if outside of the continental US)