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We Want Sanctuary
We Want Sanctuary

We Want Sanctuary

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Description: According to the World Wildlife Fund, eastern migratory Monarch Butterfly populations decreased by 59% in the 2024 winter season, compared with population numbers from the previous year.  While population size is expected to ebb and flow each year, populations have been trending downward over the past few decades, which has led to great concern over their longterm health and sustainability.  My love for the prairie ecosystem inspired the reference photo for this painting (taken in the Carleton College Arboretum, Northfield, Minnesota), and over time the content has come to carry a very personal resonance.  

Much like Monarch populations, the relationships of our lives have a progression, and severe fluctuations in connection and continuity over time can have indelible impacts.  Ultimately, whether you identify more with the steadfast monarch clinging to the Purple Giant Hyssop or the wayward butterfly taking flight, we all want sanctuary in life.  Despite our differences we seek to find safe haven in the bonds we form and the work we put into navigating life’s tumultuous landscapes.  The hope is that we find the type of companionship that can weather the inevitable fluctuations and guide us home.   

Important Item Details

Prints are produced to the height and width dimensions specified.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints are 1.5" thick with full image centered on the front and dark sides featuring a color commonly used in the painting. 

All prints are hand signed by the artist and numbered as part of a limited series. 

Print may take 10 - 14 days to ship to your location.