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Winter Cathedral
Winter Cathedral

Winter Cathedral

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Description: I recently had the opportunity to go for a winter hike on the family farm. Despite the relatively deep snowdrifts presenting some fun challenges along the way, I was able to walk to a place that I probably haven’t visited in over a decade. The forest edge subtending a plowed field adjoins the farm to a scenic river valley. I’ve occasionally witnessed Bald Eagles foraging here and find the place to be divinely serene and beautiful. On this day, and at the particular moment of my arrival, the light cascaded among the dormant trees creating rich, blue, broadly-stretching shadows across the snow. I have long felt a spiritual connection with nature but in this moment, I felt like a pilgrim visiting a sacred place. 

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Prints are produced to the height and width dimensions specified.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints are 1.5" thick with full image centered on the front and black sides. 

All prints are hand signed by the artist and numbered as part of a limited series. 

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